5 min read
Train Your Members Like Professional Athletes

In my last article I mentioned that Keiser is best known for its work in elite level performance. If you ask our competition, they will tell you...

9 min read
Actively Aging: The Synergy of Adding Resistance Training to Cardio Exercise

A Longer and Healthier Life

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential at any age, but as we grow older, it becomes even more crucial to...

3 min read
Choosing the Right Indoor Group Cycling Bikes for Your Studio or Gym

Questions to Guide Your Decision

Equipping your studio or gym with the right indoor group cycling bikes is essential for member satisfaction and...

5 min read
Unlocking Strength Training Potential with a Mixed Resistance Approach

In the dynamic world of strength training, understanding exercise intensity and the tools at your disposal is crucial for effective programming....

12 min read
Master Real Life Movements with Specificity and Functional Training

What is Specificity in Functional Training?

Adding specificity to your workouts isn't just a trend—it's a proven way to reach your unique...

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