6 min read
Keiser vs. Traditional Weights: The Science-backed Benefits of Keiser's Pneumatic Resistance Technology

Real-World Applications of Keiser Technology

Keiser resistance equipment stands out for many reasons, like easy-to-read displays, user-friendly...

8 min read
From Factory to Firehouse: Keiser's Commitment to American Innovation in Fitness

In the realm of firefighting, where split-second decisions and physical prowess can mean the difference between life and death, training and...

9 min read
Actively Aging: The Synergy of Adding Resistance Training to Cardio Exercise

A Longer and Healthier Life

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential at any age, but as we grow older, it becomes even more crucial to...

12 min read
Master Real Life Movements with Specificity and Functional Training

What is Specificity in Functional Training?

Adding specificity to your workouts isn't just a trend—it's a proven way to reach your unique...

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